The Swiss Agency Development and Cooperation (SDC) supported project for the progressive control and eradication of PPR, under the ongoing support for the implementation of the ECOWAS agriculture policy (ECOWAP) in three ECOWAS Member States of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, provided a rare opportunity to address the gap of animal disease control in the region. The interventions supported small ruminant owners who are mostly women and children to improve livestock production for income generation, wealth creation and food security and nutrition. The SDC provided funding support of Nine Hundred and Forty-Five Thousand and Four Hundred and Thirty ($945,430) United States dollars, with financial contribution of One Hundred Thousand ($100,000) United States dollars from each country and the ECOWAS Commission, for the control and eradication of PPR was implemented in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone through mass vaccination campaigns.

The project implementation covered four (4) Result Areas and fifteen (15) Activities with the objective of initiating mass vaccination campaigns in the ECOWAS region with Guinea, Libera and Sierra as the nucleus countries for a sustainable PPR control and eradication campaign under the technical coordination of the ECOWAS Regional Animal Health Center (RAHC).


Zoe Campbell

A very nice overview of PPR in West Africa. I would have liked to hear from some women livestock keepers about how the disease affects them and the extent to which they participate in disease control.

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