Improving water use efficiency of forages to cope with drought conditions


  • Significant variations were observed among the forage genotypes in WUE, indicating the importance of varietal selections for irrigated fodder development
  • Deficit irrigation improved water WUE of forages compared with full irrigation, with I-80 proving optimal DM yield and WUE
  • Given the water limitation in the smallholder system in SSA, deficit irrigation appeared to be a good option to produce fodder
  • The extra water saved from deficit irrigation could be used to irrigated other land or to support other household needs



What kind of irrigation technology was used?

How to determine the different irrigation requirements; e.g. 60%. 80%, 100%?

Juan Andres Cardoso

is WUE the right trait? probably better go for Efficient water uptake, specially under irrigation. there is a tradeoff with increasing WUE, yield would be penalized.

Muluken Zeleke

1. How did you measure water use efficiency?

2. What is the optimal timing of recommended irrigation? For which soil type?

3.  What are economic analysis and trade-offs associated with recommended practice? 

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